How many photocopies of your documents lie defenseless in the drawers of a shop or in the archives of an office? Anyone, with those photocopies in hand, could pretend to be you and try to make a purchase or activate a ' account on your behalf. allows you to protect your documents and your identity by adding a text overlay that limits their use to a specific area: activation of a telephone number, request for a loan, etc.

Take a picture of your document, upload the image to the site and add a text that clearly defines its permitted use (eg "activation of telephone users ..", "purchase of a bicycle .. "; once this is done, you can either download the image with the superimposed text or send it by e-mail to the recipient via the sending mask.

If you don't trust us (good!) and want to know our security policies, you can find them on the page: security

Upload document

Enter in the box text the text that should appear on the document (60characters maximum), then select the file with the image of the document.

NOTE: you can only upload .JPG or .PNG files with a maximum size of2Mb

Just to be sure you are not a robot, write the title of the movie that appears in the poster and click on the OK button to activate the send button.

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